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The easy and affordable appliance protection plan offering you peace of mind and protection.

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Would you like to replace the uncertain and frightening cost of appliance repair with a fixed and affordable cost?

We are delighted to offer what we believe is the best solution anywhere for this purpose: We teamed with an industry-leading provider of service contracts, Warrantech, to create a unique offering.

You Choose

Either three or six appliances are covered, with your pick from among a washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, cook-top, range, wall oven or built-in microwave.

Instead of any random service company, Warrantech will normally send the same servicer that referred you here.

Industry Leading Protection

With any approved claim you pay just a $75 deductible. Warrantech covers the rest (up to $1500 per incident).

There is even an anti-lemon provision(allows for total machine replacement if a same-symptom fault arises four times within one year).

Automatically Covered

With convenient automated billing, your protection plan will be renewed each month unless you decide to cancel. This means you don't need to worry whether you're covered or not.

Coverage begins 30 days after your signup. By doing it now, you'll be assured the next time a covered repair is needed there will be no fear.

KeepItFixed Keeps it Simple

Protection for all brands of eligible appliances up to ten years in age, regardless of where purchased.

Aside from certain exclusions, your plan covers it all (parts, labor, shipping, etc.).

24/7 technical support can help you solve problems, and potentially avoid any service call, wait for a technician, and/or co-pay.

There is no continuing obligation, just an affordable month-to-month payment for coverage. If you don't like it, cancel it at any time.

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Coverage for your choice of 3 appliances
Up to $1500 coverage
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Coverage for your choice of 6 appliances
Up to $1500 coverage
24/7 Support
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